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Here's the truth about our Rubs, Seasonings, Olive Oils and Grills!

It all started one night in Mark's kitchen as we were helping out one of our favorite non-profits raise money through a golf tournament.  We volunteered to feed 300+ golfers for lunch.  We had to rub forty tri-tips and used a wet-Sriracha, added a rub we concocted to it, and marinated them overnight.  As we finished the last one, we looked at each other and said, "What a f****n mess!".

The next day, everyone raved about the tri-tip! Our blend of herbs and spices, along with the Sriracha, made for a great rub!

Soon thereafter, we hired a blender, who introduced us to dry Sriracha. Fast forward to today, and we have rubs, seasonings, and a great lineup of olive oils to compliment the rubs.  Since we love to cook on our Green Mountain Grills, we became a dealer, so now we can fill all your grilling needs! Just add meat!

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