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A long time ago we thought we could BBQ. It started with an old hibachi grill on the apartment patio in college, followed by a charcoal Weber, and then nice gas grill.

Once we went to the Royale BBQ contest in Kansas City, we learned it's all about the smoke! 

Since then we've gone through a few smokers, but when we were introduced to Green Mountain Grills one day in Lake Tahoe, our grillin' changed forever.

Before... we'd have to be vigilant when smokin' meat for hours. It was all about the fist size chunks of wood and tweaking the air vents to either allow or reduce the air to keep the temperature constant.

NOW... say hello to our pellet driven, WiFi, app controlled smokin' method!  How great is this—from any smart phone the grill can be turned onto warm up, programmed with the pre-set cooking program (controls both time or temperature), and then monitored the entire day! If I need to turn it up... no problem. If it's done too early, I can turn it down to warm...   



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