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208 Competition Ribs

208 Competition Ribs


  • Smithfield Extra Tender Pork Ribs
    • Baby Backs or St. Louis Style
  • Smokin’ 208 BBQ Rub
  • Butter, Honey, Dark Brown Sugar
  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil


  • Prep Time: 15 minutes
  • Cook Time:  About 6 hours
  • Pellets: Fruitwood

Grab a few racks of ribs and let’s get started!

I like to start with the Smithfield Extra Tender pork ribs.  These ribs come pre-brined.  The added moisture allows them to come out moist even after 5 hours in the smoker.


  • Start by peeling the silver skin from the back. (Chef Lobo tip #45: start a corner with a knife, then grab it with a paper towel and pull evenly … ta dah!)
  • Trim any excess fat from the top of the ribs. Grab a spoon and scrape the fat between the bones on the back of the ribs.
  • Sprinkle Smokin208 Sriracha rub liberally on the back, then the top. Like a heavy salt and pepper coating … not fully coated like rubbing a pork butt.  I usually pull them from the refer, trim them, season them and leave them loosely covered for 2 hours and let them warm up to room temp.


  • Smoke them at 200° for the first 3 hours uncovered. Meaty side up! 3 hours is approximate … pull them when you get the golden color you like!
  • Lay out heavy duty foil sheets …
  • Rub ribs with butter, then drizzle honey and add some dark brown sugar.
  • Wrap them tightly and put them back on the grill. Meat side up still. 
  • Turn smoker up to 250° and leave them alone for 2 hours.

Check to see if they are getting tender.  Lift them in the middle and the ends should drop when you pick them up – maybe 6-8”.  You will learn to “feel” when they are starting to get tender.

  • Remove them from the foil and put them back on the grill at 225° for about another hour. Watch your color, don’t let them get too dark.
  • Put the rack up on its side, grab 2 bones next to each other, push one and pull the other. When the meat starts to pull easily from the bone, finish them off!  Turn the grill up to 350°, add your favorite BBQ sauce to the top and let it caramelize.  Maybe 10-15 minutes … you got a winner!! 

 Note: Don’t over-sauce your ribs. But a little sauce is needed to sweeten the rubs and compliment the salts in the rub.  If you do not like to sauce your ribs at the end, dial back the rub a little to avoid them tasting “salty”.


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