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Pork Butt

Pork Butt


  • Pork shoulder with nice marbling
  • Smokin’ 208 BBQ Rub
  • 2 Gallon Large Ziploc bag
  • Cooking/butchers/bakers twine
  • aluminum foil

Recipe Overview

  • Prep Time: 15 minutes
  • Cook Time: We prefer low and slow … 12-14 hours If you are pressed for time, you can finish up fast …

Misconception #1 – it’s not the pig’s butt!  It’s the front leg shoulder portion.

Choose a good Butt!  Typically, you’ll see them in 6-9 lb cuts.  We think there is enough fat within the pork butt so we trim most of it off.


To start… trim any excess fat; Although opinions vary on the cap – we prefer to remove it.  If you keep the cap, at least trim it down to ¼” and score it so it will take some rub.  Generously apply Smokin’ 208 BBQ Rub and make sure to cover all of it!

  • Tie up the pork butt … this will keep it together and allow it to cook more evenly.
  • Bag & Tag. Now before you do this, with clean hands fold back the top of the Ziploc back (about 2”).  This is Chef Lobo’s trick #85, by folding it down when you put in your meat it will keep the zipper nice and clean.

BRING IT TO ROOM TEMPERATURE:  Remove the pork butt and allow it to come to room temperature … about 3 hours. 


Place the butt fat side up (if you kept the cap on).  Again, outside temp plays a huge roll here.  But this is our “Dinner’s ready at 6pm” low and slow method.

Midnight      put port on at 180 o

8am             bump smoker up to 225 o

Noon           check temp… once it gets close to 170 o, you are a couple hours away.  If it hasn’t pulled out of the stall yet, I bump my temp to 250 o.  But don’t let your bark get too crunchy.

I pull my butts right around 190 o -195 o … If I pull at 190 o, and let it rest in a cooler (no ice lol) for a couple hours, it pulls perfect.

How long

So where are you at after 12hours… 152o, 157o, 168o

  • Are you coming out of the stall?
  • How dark is it?
    • If it is not dark, you can bump the temp with no worries
    • If it is dark, you may choose to cover with foil to avoid your bark from getting too crunchy


You need to understand this.  A couple hours in… your roast is going to settle around 150o.  It will hang out here for a bit, then break to 170 o.  AKA.. THE STALL!


THE KEY:  Smoke until extremely fork tender.

Depending on the type of pork you are preparing wanting…

  • Sliceable pork is around 180o
  • Pulled pork is around 193o +

THE BARK:  If your goal is to create bark… start watching your butt at about 160o-170o.  You may need to turn up the heat a bit to get the bark you desire.  Or if you had to turn your heat up to let it cook faster, you may need to foil your butt to avoid bark that is too crunchy and dry

After you pull it from the smoker:  Always let it cool for 30 minutes or so.  If you are not going to eat it within an hour; double wrap it in foil, wrap it in a towel and place it in a cooler (obviously no ice). 

Chef Lobo Tip #38D: Put on cotton gloves, then put on your rubber gloves over them.  This will allow your hands to withstand the heat of the pork when pulling it.

Doing a few pork butts for a party?  Ask to use our Porkinator to speed up your process!!

Now that you have this all dialed in… it’s about the sauce!  What’s your favorite BBQ Sauce?  Let us know how you did at



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