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Chicken Thighs your mom will love!

Chicken Thighs - ready for competition

We learned this technique from World Champion #SwampBoysBBQ out of Winterhaven, FL.  Rub (real name is Rob) showed us this - and since then anytime I make it... people love it.

The theory is simple;

  1. Take off the skin, filet fat off of it leaving a paper-thin skin membrane
  2. Clean up the thigh; cut off fat, square it up so they are all uniform in size

The result... MONEY! 

Here's how we started; - the Prep

  • Pull all the skin off your chicken thighs, stacking the skins face up on a sheet of tin foil.  Seal up and place in refrigerator.
  • Clean up the chicken thigh cutting off all fat on both sides.  Where the bone is, you'll see a tendon and vein; cut these out.
  • Square it up to make all the chicken breast uniform (I know... you'll not want to waste... but do it (you are going for presentation here).
  • We seasoned ours with Smokin' 208 Sriracha BBQ Rub on both sides of the thigh.  
  • Reroll the thigh (to give it shape), place on pan/ziplock/Tupperware and set aside (in refrigerator)
  • Take out your skin, and time to filet.  You'll need a filet knife (good 7" flexible knife).  Get a smooth cutting board and take a skin, fat side up and filet off the fat.  Now this will take you a little trial and error - but once you have the technique down, it's amazing.  
  • Restack the skins, season, and put aside.
  • Last step, pull out thighs and wrap each one with a skin making a tight package out of them


  • We pre-heated our GMG Grill to 275.
  • Make sure to use your temperature probe or if you don't have one click here and but a DOT.  Set food probes for 160.
  • Bone-in chicken thighs should be cooked to an internal temperature between 165 degrees F and 175 degrees.
NOTE:  Check your food at 160 and depending on where you are at with your other food, serving time, etc... you can lower it or speed it up by raising the temperature.  Outside temperature also plays a part in the time.  On a hot sunny day, this took just over an hour to cook up 9 thighs.​


Chicken Thighs:  Remove Skin


Chicken Thighs:  Shape it up


Chicken Thighs:  Season it well!


Chicken Thighs:  Roll for uniform shape

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